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TUESDAYS @ 2:30-2:45 (Google Meet Code: mrhscsmeet)

Advent of Code


In the MRHS Computer Science Club we teach and assist other students with computer science and programming skills as well as get young students interested in the field of computer science. You will learn how to develop and build software projects and solve programming puzzles. A few teams will compete in competitions.


Havish Netla [President]

Jeffrey Yang [President]

Daniel Huang [Officer]

Sathya Selvam [Officer]

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2020-10-02 NASA Space Apps Hackathon Begins

2020-10-19 Congressional App Challenge Due

2020-12-01 Advent of Code 2020 Begins

2020-12-25 Advent of Code Ends

~ 2021-02-23 UMD HSPC Competition

2021-03-16 PicoCTF Begins


At the MRHS Computer Science Club, we will be participating and preparing for many [programming competitions] for members just getting started with computer science, we can teach and guide you through programming, and any projects you might want to work on. Also Officers can help students with their CSA, POJ, and CSP homework.